Agent Focus: West Riding Agencies collaborates with Allcontrols!

Agent Focus: West Riding Agencies collaborates with Allcontrols!

We are hugely excited to announce we will be working alongside Allcontrols going forward. Our 2 companies have collaborated in the past very well, and so becoming an agent for Allcontrols was an easy transition. 

West Riding Agencies (WRA) has a renowned history working mainly within the textile industry, having over 40 years’ experience in this sector. We are a family run organisation which includes my wife Shelagh and our 2 sons, Joe and Conal.   

The range of textile manufacturers we work with is also extremely extensive. From nonwoven products through to bespoke Spinners, Weavers, Knitters, Finishers and garment makers.  

The types of fibres we come across and see on a day-to-day basis include natural fibres such as cotton, flax and silk: noble fibres such as cashmere, alpaca, camel and wool: man-made fibres such as polyester, polyamide, viscose rayon and acrylic as well as the more unusual types.  

We have been supporting our customers with metal detection systems and textile machinery in their processing lines to ensure constant machine protection which in turn ensures their products supplied are guaranteed metal-free. 

We welcome contact from anyone required support and assistance within the textile industry. 

Emmet Deeney
West Riding Agencies