Client Focus: MONPET Extrusion Testimonial

Client Focus: MONPET Extrusion Testimonial

Installation for washed PET bottle flake – polymer and colour sorting line

In 2022 MONPET Extrusion’s aim was to remove non-PET fractions, such as metals, PP, PE, PVC and coloured PET, to achieve a single PET flake stream for extrusion. We started planning the installation of our PET flake polymer and colour sorting line internally and approached the Allcontrols team for assistance. Allcontrols Ltd are always our first port of call when we are considering any sorting and separation requirements for our plant.












All of our technical partners have a very well-regarded name in our industry and Allcontrols knowledge and experience is essential in order to deliver the best, most efficient and cost-effective end result.

All the components required for our new line, including material logistics, gantry, electrical control panel and the SEA HY polymer sorter with colour sorter capability were sourced through Allcontrols and, along with our in-house team, they were involved in the planning of the entire project and commissioning of the line.










Our recommendation to anyone considering this type of installation is to involve the Allcontrols team at the outset, as having their guidance up-front is really beneficial, saving valuable time and effort. They are extremely proficient at installing sorting and separation lines within the recycling industry. Having worked with them for many years, we have full faith they will deliver with professionalism. They anticipate all eventualities due to their vast experience of both the product streams we work with and the machines themselves.

We are always mindful that an installation of any size comes with challenges along the way. However, Allcontrols never shy away from making sure the customer is happy with the end result.

Our line has been fully operable for several months now and we are extremely pleased with how it is performing. We know we can always contact Allcontrols to assist and support us promptly if required.

Carl Waters
Monpet Extrusion