Metal Separators Mesutronic range

Allcontrols provide a state-of-the-art Mesutronic metal separator range which have been designed for the examination of ground, powder and granulate materials in order to prevent damage caused from metal foreign objects entering your production equipment.

Used predominately within the plastics and recycling industries, these durable metal separators have user friendly functionality as well as a compact design allowing for straightforward installation, or retrofitting, if necessary, even within restricted environments.

Another crucial advantage of having this unit installed is to act as a watchdog to allow for some assurance against machinery and equipment damage as well as giving operational peace of mind to protect against possible loss due to costly stoppages in production.

Other main benefits include:

  • Fully automatic.
  • Integrated electronics.
  • Self-monitoring functionality.
  • Extensive range of additional accessories.

The three Mesutronic metal separators available for differing applications are:

Other Metal Separator Ranges

Allcontrols supplies and services a unique range of metal seapartors.

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