Incineration Bottom Ash (IBA)

Allcontrols delivers specialist technical solutions for the recovery of residual metals from IBA, the residue produced by solid waste incineration facilities resulting from WtE or EfW processing.

This process releases the energy potential from non-recyclable domestic waste that in the past would have been sent to landfill. It can be utilised to generate electricity via combustion, and delivers significant environmental, social and economic benefits. Following combustion, the IBA (also known as incineration slag) typically contains small amounts of metals – including ferrous and non-ferrous fractions and stainless steel – which can be recovered with specialist equipment. The residual IBA can then be used to form materials such as bulk fill; asphalt; cement bound materials; lightweight blocks; and pavement concrete. With extensive expertise in providing solutions for residual metals recovery from IBA – utilising both density and magnetic systems – Allcontrols is able to provide state of the art technologies to meet all commercial requirements. Material sorting and separation solutions available from Allcontrols include:

Density Separators

These can process large volumes and effectively recuperate fraction sizes >4mm, ensuring high recovery rates and yields. The unique patented design, utilising calcium carbonate (CaCO3) as a medium, maintains a consistent density. The operating costs are a tenth of comparable salt-based systems and more environmentally friendly.

Eddy Current Separators (ECS)

For ferrous metal recovery, custom-made magnetic systems can be tailored to suit individual requirements. For non-ferrous metals, the high-intensity eccentric ECS from Goudsmit – with up to 950 pole-changes per second – can separate even the finest non-ferrous fractions (> 0.5 mm) from IBA, without the risk of rotor burn-in. The special IBA eddy current separator version is equipped with a unique feed system to avoid the material build-up commonly experienced with conventional vibratory feeder systems.

Induction Separators (I-Sens)

This all-metal sorter can remove any type of metal – including non-ferrous and ferrous metals and stainless steel – from the product stream at high capacity. In combination with magnetic separation and the ECS, the I-Sens is ideally suited for the recovery of stainless steel from IBA. Other separation products and solutions available from Allcontrols include high-gradient magnetic separation capability; Neoflux magnetic bars/rods; and overband, head roller and block magnets.

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