Tribo-Electric Separator (EKS)

Allcontrols’ electrostatic (tribo-electric) polymer separation solutions include:

The Hamos EKS electrostatic separator – This can split co-mingled granulated polymers (including black plastics) into very high purity fractions. The different polymer types are charged by impact in the Hamos EKS system. The impact causes one polymer type to lose electrons and the other polymer type to adopt them, resulting in positively and negatively charged polymer fractions. Plastic Separation The charged polymer fractions are now transported to a high-voltage field that is either negative or positive. Depending on the charge, the polymer fractions are either attracted or pushed away by the high-voltage field. EKS Typical polymer mixtures that can be separated with the Hamos EKS include: Electrostatic separators are widely used for material recovery in processes such as WEEE recycling small and large domestic appliances (SDA/LDA), automotive shredder residue (ASR) recovery, PET flake processing and PVC window frame recycling.

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