Frequently Asked Questions – Installations

See below our FAQs regarding our installation work. If you still require clarification on areas that are not covered, please call us on 01223 223900 or email info@allcontrols.co.uk

Working out customer requirements

With more than 20 years’ experience, Allcontrols has advised and supported many recycling organisations through the design, project management and installation of their processing line to convert recycled, co-mingled material streams into singular high-purity fractions for re-use within the supply chain.

Whether your business requires a magnetic separation system, an electrostatic separation system, a polymer sorting and colour sorting technology system or a combination of all of these, Allcontrols will find the correct solution for you – enabling your organisation to achieve optimum yield results and high purities by offering a tailor-made turnkey solution.

We pride ourselves on having an extensive knowledge of the material streams we specialise in separating. These include many plastic/polymer types such as PVC, PS, ABS, Filled PP (PP20), PET, PP/PE as well as metals, PVC window profiles (post-industrial and post-consumer), ASR and WEEE.

Furthermore, we are affiliated with influential partners within the recycling industry who also have extensive expertise over many years.

We also provide a comprehensive after-sales service package including technical support, training and servicing.

We have three fundamental aims to achieve customer satisfaction when a new recycling processing line is required:

  • Improve productivity – optimising your recycling processing line equipment and design to boost productivity.
  • Increase material stream purity – designing and installing the best integrated solution for optimal material stream purity.
  • Raise overall yields – increasing the efficiency and profitability of customers’ businesses.

Collaboration is key to understanding our customers’ requirements and delivering exactly what they need. On receiving an initial enquiry, we work with you to bring together all the relevant stakeholders for the project. Initially we would recommend a meeting, either via a video call or face to face, to establish your overall goals. This allows us to discuss your specific requirements and project considerations, enabling us to design a bespoke turnkey solution using our experience and, where necessary, by thinking outside the box.   

To establish your needs, in our initial consultation we will look to discuss details around areas such as:

  • Material stream(s) requiring purification – so we can establish which separation processes are required.
  • Current particle size of the material stream(s).
  • Throughput requirement.
  • Where the final processing line is to be installed, including any space constraints.
  • Pre-treatment stages already in place.

With key information on requirements established, Allcontrols will create and send the customer a flow diagram of the proposed solution to illustrate in principle how the material stream will move through the recommended new line. This will show all the processing steps along the way.


Prior to creating the flow diagram, Allcontrols may also visit the proposed site with the customer in order to identify any additional requirements or project-specific issues.


Once the proposed project financial terms are agreed, Allcontrols will then create a detailed 3D drawing of the line design, carry out a risk assessment and method statement, and prepare a project plan to track tasks and timings for the installation.

Material stream trials

Yes – in fact, we would usually insist on trials taking place, as this enables you to fully understand what results can be achieved if you choose to work with us. These trials are coordinated and scheduled via Allcontrols, your company and our partners to make sure the correct procedure for shipping the material stream over to our partners is followed. This includes documentation and timetabling of the trials.

The shipping of the material stream for such trials is usually completed by you, but Allcontrols can assist with the logistics of this if required.

Yes, that’s fine – you can visit the site of our partner, usually accompanied by an Allcontrols representative, in order to witness the trials taking place in real time. 

This depends on the trial process required, so it could be anything from between 20kg-150kg of each feedstock you would like to test.

All trials are completed at our partners premises under laboratory conditions. Our partners are all based in Europe, including The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Italy.

On completion of the trial, you will receive a detailed report and summary of the results of the trial, including visuals.

Ordinarily, trials themselves are not chargeable. We encourage customers’ material stream trials, as this gives further reassurance from a project return on investment perspective.

However, additional customer costs that might be incurred include:

  • Costs of shipping the material stream both to and from partner laboratories (as this is borne by the customer).
  • Personal expenses for the observer – such as flights, accommodation, subsistence and so on (also borne by the customer).

Yes, the material stream can be returned to the customer if they request it. See FAQ above for more details.

Quotations, contracts and starting work

We aim to provide you with a budget quotation as soon as possible following the initial discussions.

However, no recycling processing lines are the same as there are many factors to take into account, which means a bespoke installation is usually the best solution. Typical considerations include site conditions; space available for the line; feedstock, such as the mix and size of the material stream and how the customer receives it; integration of existing processing steps; customer requirements/expectations; and customer budgetary constraints.

We aim to work with customers to address all such considerations to ensure complete satisfaction before, during and after the installation process.

Typically, between three to 12 months, depending on the complexity of the processing line project. We can provide a detailed proposed schedule before commencing the installation to ensure your organisation can plan accordingly.

This depends on the complexity of the processing line, but typically between two and twelve weeks. However, consideration of commissioning time and training of personnel needs to be factored as an additional timeframe.

Prior to any installation commencing, a thorough risk assessment will be carried out by Allcontrols engineers on site. Following the risk assessment, a detailed method statement will be supplied and discussed with you. We are also very familiar with working under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM).

Project installation and commissioning

We coordinate all aspects of the project, including shipping, customs documentation and liaison with all relevant partners, updating the customer, to ensure the safe delivery of all the machinery and materials at the correct location in a timely manner.

For a typical installation to run smoothly, the following are required:

  • Forklift truck
  • Cherry picker
  • Telehandler

You can provide these for the duration of the installation or we can hire these on your behalf. Any equipment required for the installation will be operated by Allcontrols’ fully trained engineers.

The customer is responsible for making sure there is power and an airline supply on site.  This is to provide connectivity for the installation control panel(s) and sorting machinery.  Additionally, it is also helpful to have internet connectivity at the plant where the machinery is being installed for support purposes and remote access.

No, not usually. Allcontrols personnel will handle the entire installation, and they will keep you informed of progress at all times.   

Once the installation has been completed, an initial ‘cold’ commissioning stage will commence. This is to make sure all components installed are thoroughly checked prior to ‘hot’ commissioning.

During the hot commissioning stage, Allcontrols will require up to approximately five tonnes of the relevant material stream for testing the material logistics and machinery. This stage is to ensure all product stream is flowing through the line correctly and the plant settings are operating as they should. 

On completion of hot commissioning, the test product materials can be reprocessed to avoid any losses.

Training of site personnel

As part of the procurement process, qualified Allcontrols engineers will provide training to site machine operatives, supervisors, and maintenance engineers once the line has been installed, commissioned and tested.

Of course! We know that implementation of a new line is always going to bring challenges for operatives who are adjusting to a new line. Ensuring personnel understand the new equipment and machinery, as well as continuing to ensure productivity is optimised, are vital parts of Allcontrols’ installation goals. After the line goes live, we continue to provide close support to the customer for a suitable period to ensure this process runs smoothly and efficiently.

We can also supply additional training for new personnel as and when required by the customer.

Installation documentation

Allcontrols will make the following documentation available for easy access via our secure site that’s unique for your project:

  • Detailed 3D drawings.
  • List of recommended spare parts (including critical components).
  • Machinery manuals.
  • Electrical wiring diagrams.
  • UKCA/CE declarations.
  • Training and maintenance documents.

Handover of the installation

During the start-up period, Allcontrols engineers will be on-site to assist with the running of the line and answer any questions the customer may have or new scenarios they may encounter. Once site personnel are satisfied that the line is performing as expected, Allcontrols engineers will also be available for a period to assist with any questions either remotely or in person, as required.

Allcontrols has an on-hand support team that can provide initial support and guidance in the most appropriate way – either by telephone, via email or through a site visit – to make sure production is back up and running as swiftly as possible.

In the event of any issues, our contact details are: