Machine Protection

Allcontrols is the sole distributor in the UK and Ireland for all Mesutronic metal detectors and metal separators.

This simple and cost-effective technology reduces machine downtime and improves product quality by removing metal contamination. Whether the need is metal detection or metal separation for conveying, free-fall, vacuum transport or any other process, we can provide the right solution. The Mesutronic range achieves high sensitivities and stable operation for any manufacturing environment.

At the heart of all Mesutronic metal detectors and metal separators lies a high-tech control system, based on the balance coil principle, ensuring reliable and precise detection for any type of metal (ferrous, non-ferrous or stainless steel). The control functionality allows the metal detectors and metal separators to be networked and operated from a central computer system via Wi-Fi links or hard wiring.

Metal Separator Ranges

Allcontrols supplies and services a unique range of metal separators.

Hamos Range  Mesutronic Range