Eddy Current Separator (ECS)

With access to the latest sorting technologies available, Allcontrols can tailor sorting and separation solutions to meet exact requirements, including Eddy Current Separators (ECS).

An ECS consists of a magnetic rotor with north and south poles. By rotating the magnetic rotors, alternating magnetic fields (Eddy currents) are created. The magnetic lines pass through non-ferrous metals, generating energy in the object and propelling it forward.               Allcontrols is the sole UK agent for Goudsmit, which produces a unique range of magnetic separation systems, capable of recovering even the finest magnetic and non-magnetic particles. Its range of eccentric ECS, with up to 950 pole-changes per second, can separate even the finest non-ferrous fractions (>0.5 mm) from the product stream, without the risk of rotor burn-in.

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