Metal Detection In Plastics / Polymers

Metal contamination is frequently found within plastics recycling, so detection and removal is essential for machine protection and final product quality.

                By removing metal contamination, this straight- forward and cost-effective technology is able to reduce machine down-time and improve product quality. Allcontrols can provide the optimum solution for all business needs, whether the requirement is metal detection or metal separation for conveying, free-fall, vacuum transport or any other process. The Mesutronic range is able to achieve high sensitivities and stable operation for any manufacturing environment. At the core of all Mesutronic metal detectors and metal separators is a high-tech control system, based on the balance coil principle, ensuring that the technology delivers reliable and precise detection for any type of metal (ferrous, non-ferrous or stainless steel). This control system functionality enables the metal detectors and metal separators to be networked and operated from a central computer system, either via Wi-Fi links or hard wiring.  Allcontrols also supplies the following equipment for the polymer industry: Plastic identification systems Polymer separation (including black polymers)

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