We exanded AO Recycling in 2019, with the opening of our WEEE plastics plant. Allcontrols have been a fantastic partner ever since - from the installation of their machinery to their ongoing maintainence support which allows us to optimise the recycling line and deliver the highest possible quality recycled plastics.
AO Recycling
Our relationship with Allcontrols has spanned 15 years from supply of our first piece of Goudsmit machinery to years of ongoing spares and technical support.

The Allcontrols team have always been professional, friendly and efficient prioritising keeping the plant in production.
... we had no hestiation in contacting Allcontrols Ltd to collaborate and support us in this exciting and extensive project. Having worked with them on several occasions in the past, we always found them to be very knowledgeable, helpful and extremely customer focused. We felt that the experience in their armoury really lent itself perfectly for our requirements in making sure the installation went well.
CNC Recycling
Scott's service visit last week was very useful. He clearly explained any issues found to us, and understood the problems we're still having.

The service report is detailed and he has communicated the snags to Leonhard at Hamos better than we could have done, so we're confident these will be fixed soon.
Axion Polymers
I find working with Allcontrols very easy and stress free. [Allcontrols] have communicated clearly and precisely and I have not had to waste time chasing for answers. I have been very impressed with my dealings with you so far and look forward to building upon that relationship.
Allcontrols knowledge and experience is essential in order to deliver the best, most efficient and cost-effective end result. Having worked with them for many years, we have full faith they will deliver with professionalism. Allcontrols never shy away from making sure the customer is happy with the end result
Monpet Extrusion
When considering any new sorting and separation projects, we consult with Allcontrols to establish the most suitable systems. We know they have the best interests of the customer at heart, and will always recommend the right solution, even if it is not within their scope of supply.
In June 2017 Allcontrols embarked on a major project with AO Recycling to find an innovative, technological solution for the recovery and separation of the main polymer streams from recycled fridges for future re-use.
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AO Recycling

our partners

We have been working with Allcontrols for many years now. It is always a pleasure. I would like to say almost like family. I hope that many, many more years will follows. We really appreciate the courteous nature of all Allcontrols employees.
Market knowledge, expertise, reliability and friendliness are the ingredients to great teamwork with Allcontrols through even the most complex of projects. Sharing a common 'customers satisfaction first' policy has made it a privilege to count them as Cimbria SEA's preferred partners for many years.
AGCO / Cimbria
Working with Allcontrols means always open and honest communication. Allcontrols is a high quality company which suits Goudsmit very well.

Allcontrols have a splendid knowledge of the UK markets, and therefore know what to sell to whom.
Goudsmit Magnetis
Allcontrols is always a pleasant and friendly business partner for us.