Sorting and separation for recycling and food processing is easily achieved using electronic colour sorting as colour, size, shape, structural properties, and chemical composition can easily be recognised using this method. For recycling products such as polymers and metals and food processing, Allcontrols can assist with recommending the correct machinery to obtain the best results.

The SEA.IQ-Plus optical sorter

As standard in the basic version, this smart design SEA.IQ-Plus colour sorting machine offers the highest multispectral full-colour technology with built-in ultra-high-resolution NIR infrared.  This can also be combined with SWIR multispectral cameras to meet the most demanding quality standards.

It’s simplified screens, increased visibility and improved graphics make it easy for the user to set dedicated programs. Configured at set-up to meet the customer’s exact needs but can easily create efficient programs by using your own personal credentials to retrieve data remotely to optimise performance. The customisable home screen makes sure your machine is set for the way you operate.


SEA.IQ-Plus highlights:

– Thanks to real-colour technology, the SEA.IQ-Plus sees just like the human eye, recognising up to 16 variations of defects.
– Defect size control and shape-sizing are integrated to ensure the highest safety and purity of end products.
– IQ is available with 1 to 6 chutes to satisfy any production capacity requirement and for multiple passes.

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