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Allcontrols and Plasgran

Allcontrols and Plasgran

When considering any new sorting and separation projects, we consult with Allcontrols to establish the most suitable systems. We know they have the best interests of the customer at heart, and will always recommend the right solution, even if it is not within their scope of supply.

Plasgran first started working with Allcontrols Ltd in early 2004. Our initial requirement was for a bespoke system to feed material to our existing granulator and to protect against metal entering into the machine. Allcontrols identified the best solution and designed and installed for us a custom-made elevator and metal detector system.
After the installation was complete we began to see the benefits of metal detection: reduced machine damage, less downtime and cleaner final products. Before long we decided to upgrade all our systems to enable metal detection capability and, due to their expertise, we again called in Allcontrols to project manage the work.
In 2007 we started discussions with Allcontrols regarding materials separation, with a view to producing very high purity polymer fractions. Allcontrols helped us to carry out many trials with different product streams in order to make sure we had the right solution. In 2011 we appointed Allcontrols to project manage, supply and install a complete separation plant, consisting of conductive/non-conductive separation technology (Hamos KWS), polymer sorting (Hamos EKS), metal recovery (Goudsmit Eddy Current Separator) and optical sorting (SEA NEXT 7).

Allcontrols’ solutions included a unique design allowing us smooth changeover between various product streams, as well as ease of maintenance and cleaning. The reliability and durability of the plant allows us to continue production 24/7 with a minimum number of operators, spares and consumables. Other benefits include low power consumption and reduced downtime.

Our strong and trusted working relationship with Allcontrols along with their informative advice and guidance means we will continue to work with them for any future projects.