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Allcontrols and AO Recycling

Allcontrols and AO Recycling

Ever wondered what happens to your old fridge?

In June 2017 Allcontrols embarked on a major project with AO Recycling to find an innovative, technological solution for the recovery and separation of the main polymer streams from recycled fridges for future re-use.

The developed process consisted of four main stages:

– The first incorporated the use of sink-float processes for the separation of PP/PE and  ABS/PS/PP20 from the other WEEE polymers in accordance with their densities.
– The second stage involved size reduction of ABS/PS/PP20.
– The third stage utilised colour sorting for the separation into white and jazz polymer streams.
– The final stage uses electrostatic separation to sort into individual fractions into high purity ABS, PS and PP20 polymers.