Food Quality

Allcontrols supply uniquely tailored systems for the food industry, giving you peace of mind on quality control.

Goudsmit – Magnetic Systems

Goudsmit produce a range of magnetic systems capable of removing even the finest magnetic fractions from fluids and powders. Please Visit Goudsmit for further details.


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SEA – Colour Sorters

SEA colour and resonance sorters guarantee maximum yields and purities. Systems can automatically be configured to run with or without re-pass mode, giving you the option to increase productivity and/or final quality.


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Mesutronic – Metal Detectors and Metal Separators

Mesutronic metal detectors and metal separators ensure metal free products. This simple and cost effective measure allows you to detect and remove metal contamination within the product stream, thus improving the final product quality.


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Key Technology – Sorters

The Key Technology laser sorters are able to distinguish between colour, shape and textures.


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Agromatic- ATEX approved measuring, control and monitoring systems

Agromatic is a world leader in ATEX approved measuring, control and monitoring systems for the food and grain industry.


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